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Your HRIS management
for scaling startups

Research shows that 70% of employers expect usage of online collaboration platform to surge in the next three to five years.*

Your business needs a partner that knows how to adapt – The HUB allows you to screen candidates, onboard employees, and manage payroll, benefits, and other HR functions all under one single HR platform.

*2018 Deloitte, Human Capital Trends (March 2018).

Making the best
of the HUB.


Hire reliable talent fast in the Philippines


Ticketing, and your own team for creative success


Automated collection of tax documents


Local labor law compliant contracts


Accurate and on-time payroll system


Easy invoicing process

How it works

Find your team through our talent matching platform where you can enter the job requisitions.

Assess candidate pool, schedule interviews, send out job offers, hire through Penbrothers.

Manage employees, monitor attendance, maintain employee documents manage employee leaves. Book meeting and event venues.

Manage payroll and invoicing through the platform. Book meeting rooms, participate in community events, conduct L&D programs all at the HUB.

We're in the business of rapid remote expansion in the Philippines

Using EOR hiring, you can onboard full-time employees in the Philippines without the nuances of setting up a separate legal entity.

With Penbrothers as your Employer on Record, your team can scale at the speed and flexibility that you require.

Hire talent in the Philippines effortlessly

When you partner with Penbrothers as your EOR (Employer of Record) we hire the team on you behalf, saving you the cost and time of setting up a local entity.

Manage everything in one place

Whether they are full-time employees or contractors manage all your team’s payroll and compliance through the HUB, Screen candidates, onboard employees, manage payroll and benefits.

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