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Quality talent is hard to find and most are very expensive to employ. This is one of the biggest reasons why businesses are struggling to achieve their full potential. Companies are now starting to embrace the hiring of remote workers in order to tap and find the best available talent, wherever they may be. Fortunately, the Philippines is one of the best places on earth right now to find and hire the talent that you need in order to grow your business!

*Exclusive of fees, bonuses & 13th month pay.

Role Quantity PH Rate
US Rate
Annual Savings %
Digital Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing Specialist
SEO Specialist
Content Writer
Copy Writer
Graphic Designer
Photo Editors
BD Manager
BD Client Manager
BD Specialist
BD Associate
Sales Admin
Role Quantity PH Rate
US Rate
Annual Savings %
Finance Manager
Sr. Accountant
Jr. Accountant
Finance Auditor
IT Auditor
Research Manager
Sr. Researcher
Jr. Researcher
Supply Chain Manager
Purchasing Manager
Logistics Manager
Logistics Specialist
HR Manager
HR Team Lead
HR Specialist
HR Associate
Recruiter Team Lead
IT Recruiter
Recruiter Specialist
Recruiter Associate
QA Specialist
Customer Service (Voice)
Customer Service (Non-Voice)
Virtual Assistant
Admin Assistant
Data Entry Specialist
Communications Trainer
Product Trainer
Civil Engineering
Role Quantity PH Rate
US Rate
Annual Savings %
Software Engineer
Full Stack Developer
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
UI/UX Developer
QA Tester
Total Headcount:
Total Team Costs:


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