5 Ways To Achieve Business Goals Through Remote Teams


Business goals pave the way for innovation and collaboration within the organization. These goals help focus each team member on a certain direction. While goal setting is usually done towards the end of the year in preparation for the new year to come, you can do it anytime you wish to make a change in your business.

Business leaders are also looking for strategic ways to achieve these goals. Whether it’s a money goal, an expansion goal, or a business efficiency goal, there are various ways through which these goals can be realized. One of them is building remote teams.

This article will tackle how to achieve your business goals through remote teams. First, we will discuss the different goals you can achieve with remote teams. Then we’ll explore the step-by-step process on how you can achieve these goals with remote teams, ending with some recommendations on how to get started.



What Goals You Can Achieve with Remote Teams

Because of the many benefits of remote teams, various business goals can be realized through this. This is why more and more businesses are turning to remote teams, particularly in the Philippines. In fact, the Philippines covers 10 to 15% of the global share in the BPO industry.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed our clients gain the achievement of their goals. Let’s explore the goals that your business can achieve by building a remote team in the Philippines.

1. Legally Hire From the Philippines

It is a known fact that the Philippines has so much qualified talents to offer. However, companies looking to hire from the Philippines cannot do so without a Philippine entity. Building a local entity in the country may not be the best option for most though, especially those businesses in the startup phase. This is why many of these businesses look into engaging partners (such as Penbrothers) to legally hire talent from the Philippines.

2. Efficiency and Productivity

Building a remote team enables businesses to review their processes and see which steps in the process are actually value-adding. This results in more efficient processes and improved productivity as more and more of your in-house team members are no longer distracted by the daily, tedious grind that takes them away from their core functions. 

3. Cost Performance Value

Maximizing the value out of cost and performance is one of the most important priorities for businesses to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their investments.

If you’re looking to get the same (or even better) quality of performance without having to carry an additional cost, then remote teams in the Philippines might be the right fit for you!

Below are the comparisons of the most in-demand roles in Singapore, the Nordics, and the United Kingdom, and the costs these roles incur both in those countries and the Philippines.

Singapore’s most in-demand roles salaries onshore vs. in the Philippines

RoleSalary in Singapore annually (in USD)Salary in the Philippines annually (in USD)
AI Developer$60,000 to $120,000$10,800-$17,200
Business Analyst$50,000 to $90,000$10,700
Digital Marketer$54,000$7,910
Table 1: (Source:


The Nordics’ most in-demand roles salaries onshore vs. in the Philippines

RoleSalary in the Nordics annually (in USD)Salary in the Philippines annually (in USD)
IT Specialists/Executives$37,463$5,320.88
Financial Specialist/Consultant$65,820$7,773.12
Automation Engineer$51,302-$89,752$14,175.44
Table 2:  (Source:


The UK’s most in-demand roles salaries onshore vs. in the Philippines

RoleSalary in the UK annually (in USD)Salary in the Philippines annually (in USD)
Programmers and Software Developers$52,346.66$10,270.49
Cybersecurity Specialist$66,252.45$11,648.67
Healthcare Service Representatives$29,000$5,133.11
Table 3:  (Source:


4. Getting Back Time and Energy To Do Core Functions

It’s almost every business owner’s dream: to be able to get back to what they do best. Developing and growing the business, including nurturing customer relationships and innovating, should be what every business leader is focused on. In 2023, aim to be back to doing business!

5. Expanded Business Hours

According to this study, 82% of customers today expect to receive instant (or at least near-real-time) support when and where they need it. This goal is to not miss out on any opportunities simply because of limitations in business hours. This is becoming more and more evident as customers turn to digital platforms to check out businesses.

With remote teams, your business can operate outside your usual office hours. Filipino talents are willing to render service any time of the day and any day of the week to meet the needs of your customers. Because of this, your business can unlock countless potential opportunities.

6. Cross-Cultural Collaboration

If one of your 2023 goals is to have a broader and deeper perspective on business, then it’s ideal to have someone from a different culture become part of your team. Having a cross-cultural collaboration from outside your home country gives you fresh eyes and insights into things that may otherwise go unseen.

7. Higher Employee Retention Rate

Being able to retain team members for as long as possible is definitely one of the most important goals any business in 2023 would have. The Great Resignation is still upon every industry, so remaining competitive in terms of retention rate would do well for your business. Building a remote team can help increase your employee retention rate by partnering with an employer of record. This employer of record (or EOR) ideally has a high employee retention rate and a track record for being a people-first company; one who is obsessed with their employees’ welfare.

When engaging with an EOR, you will still have control over your processes and the performance of your remote team members. The EOR simply takes care of the legal compliance in the country through payroll, tax, benefits, and other employee programs designed to engage and retain employees.


How Can You Achieve Business Goals with Remote Teams

Now that you’ve learned the many goals that can be achieved through remote teams, how do you then execute these goals? What are the steps you can take to ensure the goals’ realization?

We list down 5 practical ways you can take starting today to achieve your business goals through remote teams.

1. Set Strategic Goals and Communicate Them To Your Remote Team

Strategic goals can be financial and non-financial depending on the kind of direction you want to take your business to, and that can be achieved over a specific period of time. Strategic goals are usually set in relation to a “big picture”, instead of a tactic that is used to address a current challenge. 

Setting strategic goals will help team members focus on the “North Star” of your business. These goals will be the basis of their departmental initiatives and individual tactics that they will set. For them to be able to do this, however, they need to be kept in the loop about these goals.

When laying down your goals and target milestones, knowing the thoughts of your team members is just as essential. Open collaboration is key to making your goals feasible and realistic. Such goals serve as the groundwork for the whole team and their deliverables.

2. Trust Your Remote Team Members

Encouraging flexibility while holding team members accountable and responsible for what they do will dramatically improve your team’s productivity. Remember that you hired your team members because of their skills and experience, along with the potential to contribute to your business. Trusting them actually do the job you hired them to do is one of the best things you can do to retain these remote team members. You can also expect that they can produce the quality results that you want out of your investment.

3. Focus On Your Remote Team’s Results

For centuries, hours spent in the workplace have been the standard through which workers are held in terms of performance. In the modern day, this meant invasive monitoring systems such as time trackers and screenshot-taking applications. We understand that you may be tempted to implement this system to ensure that your remote team is working. However, this kind of system has the potential to alienate employees. 

Rather than focusing on hours rendered for work, why not focus on your remote team members’ results and the quality thereof? This way, your remote team members feel independence and autonomy in the work that they do; allowing them to actually do the work instead of worrying about the time they have rendered for the day.

4. Get and Give Regular Feedback From Your Remote Team

Feedback is a two-way street when it comes to remote teams. You give your remote team members regular feedback about their performance and the quality of their work. At the same time, you get feedback from your team members about their experience working with you and your company. Doing this practice allows for innovation and more open collaboration between your in-house and offshore teams.

5. Find the Right Partner

Even if you have a feasible goal, and a clear vision, your goals will not materialize accordingly without the right Remote HR partner. It is equally important to have a team that understands your direction and lives through your company mission. 

If you’re out looking for ways to achieve your goals more effectively and efficiently to stay on top of the competition, you may consider building a remote team in the Philippines.


Penbrothers can help bring these goals to life!

Your goals will be our goals. We set out to customize solutions for every client because we believe each business (and its goals) is unique; we don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach. 

Our HR solutions are made to help lessen the load on you so you can go back to your core business function. From sourcing to onboarding, to work setup and retention, including local compliance with Philippine labor laws, we take care of the hustle and bustle of being your remote HR partner.

Finding quality talents is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to growth of many businesses. Luckily at Penbrothers, through the hard work of our talent acquisition specialists, we have built a rich talent pool of experts from all over the Philippines. The country boasts a 97.5% literacy rate and ranking 2nd to Singapore in Asia for English proficiency and 18th globally. These college-educated professionals are more than ready to take on the job, exhibiting flexibility and adaptability in whatever cultures they work with.

You also don’t need to worry about employee retention as we maintain a 96% employee retention rate; a testament to the dedication and obsession we have over our team members. We have a special team intended to make our employee experience the best it can be based on our team members’ needs.

Of course, at the center of all these insights is technology. Our organizational infrastructure is ready to serve your needs. So whether it’s for communication or task completion or data security and privacy, you can be sure that your business data is protected from threats and that you can work smoothly with your remote team.

Ready to jumpstart your business goals in 2023?

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