Humanizing Growth

At Penbrothers, we envision a world where growth transcends borders, tapping into the diverse and undiscovered talent that lies in every corner of the globe.

We recognize the immense potential within these untapped locations and we are committed to creating valuable career opportunities that bring that potential to life.

We believe that growth is more than just adding more – it’s about generating better outcomes for clients, employees, and the community.

We aim to redefine the concept of growth by placing people at the heart of our endeavors. To be the place where growth meets humanity.

Growth for better, for good, and for all.

Gui Faria and Nicolas Bivero

How We Started

Founded in 2014 by Gui Faria and Nicolas Bivero, Penbrothers started with a vision to create high-value careers for exceptional talent in underrated and untapped locations. 

Today, Penbrothers employs over 1500 team members across multiple functions and industries, serving over 90 of the most exciting and innovative startups and SMEs in retail, e-commerce, gaming, IT, and FinTech.

Our Mission

To be a valuable partner to our clients by employing talented people and providing them with better career opportunities

Our Northstar

Create 5000 meaningful careers for Filipinos by 2026

“It all boils down to people. We are obsessed with our employees. It starts by working together with the client to make sure we find the right people, and then work in symbiosis with clients and employees alike to make sure productivity, happiness at work, and growth is at the core of everything.

Guilherme Faria

Guilherme Faria

Penbrothers President & Co-Founder

  • 91+
  • 1500+
  • 6
    Unicorn Clients
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  • 95%
    Employee Retention

Our core values guide us in our work and unite us in our shared vision. It’s not only the results that count, but also the way we do business, forge relationships, and the impact we make on the world.

Nicolas Bivero

Nicolas Bivero

Penbrothers CEO & Co-Founder

Discover how Penbrothers powers top global businesses


Having no local presence in Southeast Asia, Reflaunt sought to hire skilled and trained talents in the Philippines. The company achieved this goal—while saving time, effort, and money—with the help of Penbrothers.


Because of their partnership with Penbrothers, Servantex improved operational support for their in-house team while reducing hiring costs.

KP Staffing

KP Staffing struggled with rising labor costs and finding qualified talent within their budget, affecting service delivery and customer satisfaction. By offshoring staff to the Philippines, they secured top talent while reducing overhead costs.

Our Core Values


Beyond the Expected

Ownership Mindset

Employee Obsession

2024 Philippines’ Fastest-Growing Offshore Staffing Company

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Lilly Martinez

Lilly Martinez

Client Success

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