Facts & Stats

  • Manila


  • Filipino & English


  • Philippine Peso ₱, PHP


  • 115,559,009 2022

    Population Size

  • 36.66 2022; 50.65% lower than the US

    Cost of Living Index

  • $992 billion 2022

    Gross Domestic Product

5 reasons to hire Filipinos

Find out reasons why Filipinos stand out from the rest!

Affinity to the Western Culture

The country has been a colony of 3 different countries and has since then adopted the Western culture - making Filipinos culturally compatible with any demographic around the world.


High English Proficiency

The Philippines ranks 2nd in Southeast Asia and 22nd out of 111 countries for English proficiency. English is also the primary medium of instruction in the country's education system. This accounts for the rising interest in the Philippines as a hotspot for building remote teams!


Service Orientation

Filipinos are known for their hospitality and this translates to their work. They deliver the best service possible in the job that they do and take pride over excellent results.


24/7 Business Hours

Filipinos are able to work day or night to ensure 24/7 business operations of their clients. They can work in any timezone so businesses don't miss out on any opportunity to grow or to help customers.


Impressive Work Ethics

Naturally hard workers, Filipinos take pride in the work they do and always strive hard to give their 100% and beyond. Their work ethic is second to none.


Why the Philippines

Here are the reasons why it’s wise to invest in the Philippines by hiring Filipino workers!

Cost Performance Value

Because of the country’s low cost of living (averaging at 50.65% lower than that of the United States), you can get up to 75% cost savings while getting the same (or even better!) quality of results as if hiring in-house.

Outsourcing Success

The country’s outsourcing industry contributed 10% to the economy, providing more and more jobs to Filipinos. This goes to show that the Philippines is now the go-to spot for any outsourced work.

Highly-Skilled and Flexible Workforce

Every year, the country produces half a million college graduates with business-competitive skills. The Philippines also boasts a literacy rate of 96.29% while the young labor population grows. They can adapt to any work setup too! This makes the Philippines the best option to hire workers from.

High Rate of Internet Connectivity

The Philippines’ Internet connectivity stands at 73.1% of the population. Additionally, the country ranked 82nd out of 142 nations in terms of wireless internet speed and 41st out of 180 countries in terms of fixed broadband speed. This shows that work can be done all throughout the country without interruptions due to Internet connectivity.

The Philippines is packed with amazing talent, and the people are really eager to do creative work. We’re super happy to have found a solid partner in Penbrothers. Teaming up with them has given us room to grow and keep our commitment to delivering amazing work to our clients. We’re truly thankful to have Penbrothers as our partner in progress.

Guillermo Conde,

Head of Customer Support, DesignCrowd

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