We Humanize Growth

At Penbrothers, we believe that humanizing growth means striking a balance between achieving business success and prioritizing the well-being and development of the people involved.

By fostering people-centric progress and ensuring sustainable success for businesses, employees, and the community, we create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Growth for better, for good, and for all.

  • Finding and hiring your remote team members
  • Facilitate onboarding
  • Manage payroll and compliance
  • Administer benefits and employee engagement program
  • Collaborate with you on performance management and team motivation
  • Implement seamless offboarding

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Maximize your business potential with Penbrothers

Our expertise, efficient hiring processes, and strategic support enable you to build strong, committed teams that drive innovation and growth. Experience time and cost savings while navigating the evolving talent landscape with confidence.

Measurable outcomes

From cost savings, time efficiency, and risk mitigation to quality of service, expertise, and innovation, offshore staffing provide you with results you can actually measure.


Effective Competitiveness

With offshore staffing in the Philippines, you can compete effectively in your industry through enabling business competence with top talent and strategic resource allocation.


Cost Performance Value

Free up important resources such as time and money by getting the same (or even better!) quality results as if hiring in-house.


Access to Top Talents

Tap into the diverse and skilled talent pool in the Philippines, which boasts a literacy rate of 96.29% and ranking 22nd out of 111 countries for English proficiency.


Our Promise

When you work with us, you and your remote team members get more.

Filipino Expertise You Can Rely On

  • Customer Service
  • Engineering
  • IT and Technology Services
  • Architecture
  • Creatives and Design
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Administration and Virtual Assistance
  • Education
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Gaming

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Because of their partnership with Penbrothers, Servantex improved operational support for their in-house team while reducing hiring costs.


DesignCrowd found a reliable partner in Penbrothers, who provided essential support in managing their HR operations, and payroll; and ensuring compliance with local laws while providing high-quality candidates who grew with the company.


What started as a partnership for only 1 talent, Tiney's team in Penbrothers grew to include various roles from different departments - enabling them to expedite their operations.

The Philippines is packed with amazing talent, and the people are really eager to do creative work. We’re super happy to have found a solid partner in Penbrothers. Teaming up with them has given us room to grow and keep our commitment to delivering amazing work to our clients. We’re truly thankful to have Penbrothers as our partner in progress.

Guillermo Conde,

Head of Customer Support, DesignCrowd

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Lilly Martinez

Lilly Martinez

Client Success

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leave us your contact details and we’ll get in touch with you in 24-72 hours.