The Philippines is packed with amazing talent, and the people are really eager to do creative work. We’re super happy to have found a solid partner in Penbrothers. Teaming up with them has given us room to grow and keep our commitment to delivering amazing work to our clients. We’re truly thankful to have Penbrothers as our partner in progress.

-Guillermo Conde

Head of Customer Support, DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd found a reliable partner in Penbrothers, who provided essential support in managing their HR operations, and payroll; and ensuring compliance with local laws while providing high-quality candidates who grew with the company.

Who is DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform that connects businesses and individuals in need of design services with a global network of freelance graphic designers, illustrators, and other creatives. It allows clients to post design projects, set a budget, and receive multiple design proposals from designers all over the world. DesignCrowd also owns and manages BrandCrowd, a design platform that helps start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs find their perfect logo in minutes. Their mission is to help people everywhere launch their dream business or creative idea with the best designs the world has to offer.

  • 2016

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  • Design


  • Australia


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    Company Size

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The Challenge

Establishing a Team in the Philippines Quickly & Effectively
After starting operations in Australia with a small team, DesginCrowd began to explore the possibility of building a team in the Philippines. Having engaged a few Filipino contractors to help with customer support and similar roles, they realized the great value of the Filipino workforce: hard-working, friendly, great communicators, and a positive attitude. DesignCrowd was determined to expand the team in the Philippines but wanted to do so in a scalable and efficient way. They needed to find a solution that would cater to their different needs such as HR administration, payroll processing, compliance with government-mandated benefits, and a great work space.

The Solution

DesignCrowd started looking for a dependable partner with a thorough understanding of local labor laws and compliance which will reduce legal risk while providing efficient payroll processing, creating a nurturing workplace environment where talents can thrive. They found all these with Penbrothers.

We also helped DesignCrowd source talented candidates who then grew with the company and eventually became experienced employees. DesignCrowd expanded its team with us to include roles in customer service, finance, and marketing after being impressed by the quality of talent the Philippines has to offer.

Team Provided by Penbrothers


Total Employee Cost with Penbrothers

Total employee cost in the US




Total Employee Cost with Penbrothers

USD 32,800
USD 80,000

Total employee cost in the US

Content Manager



Total Employee Cost with Penbrothers

USD 32,400
USD 70,000

Total employee cost in the US

Customer Service Advisor



Total Employee Cost with Penbrothers

USD 10,100
USD 57,000

Total employee cost in the US

UI / UX Designer



Total Employee Cost with Penbrothers

USD 31,500
USD 80,000

Total employee cost in the US

The Results

Because of our work with DesignCrowd, they were able to expand their team while finding high-quality candidates who grew with them. Our essential support provided in managing their HR operations including payroll and labor law compliance resulted in their expansion to other roles, tapping into the diverse skills set of the Philippine workforce.

Penbrothers enabled DesignCrowd to save an average of 77.51% of the cost per role.

  • Payroll Savings For 2023

  • Headcount Growth


Our efficient and seamless HR processes enabled DesignCrowd to focus on what they do best while saving on costs and motivating their team. The expertise on Philippine labor law our team has provided DesignCrowd gave them the confidence that their team members are well taken care of and that their productivity levels are unlocked to their full potential.

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