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We were struggling to keep our overhead costs down while getting the most qualified talents for our clients. Penbrothers enabled us to get the best of both worlds while also providing expert advice on how to collaborate with and retain remote teams. We’ve also invested our time, energy, and bucks into our growth because we’re able to save and that has yielded tremendous results for us.

-Nathan Doran

Chief Executive Officer, KP Staffing

KP Staffing struggled with rising labor costs and finding qualified talent within their budget, affecting service delivery and customer satisfaction. By offshoring staff to the Philippines, they secured top talent while reducing overhead costs.

Who is KP Staffing

KP Staffing is on a mission to build up their communities by empowering people with the right career match. They provide staffing solutions to different businesses all around Texas and their specializations include manufacturing, distribution, and professional and clerical industries.

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The Challenge

Rising Labor Costs in the US
Because of the increasing cost of living in the United States resulting in high hiring cost, KP Staffing is struggling to find the right talent that are within their clients’ budget. This affected their service delivery and their customers’ satisfaction.

The Solution

Cost savings and speed of hiring are the two main goals of KP Staffing when they decided to hire to Penbrothers for management. Together with their team, Penbrothers quickly drew up job descriptions and launched sourcing activities.

Taking into consideration the budget for each role, Penbrothers carefully filtered the candidates to be endorsed to KP Staffing to ensure a seamless talent acquisition process.

The Results

By offshoring staff to the Philippines, KP Staffing secured highly qualified talent for its clients while saving 65% of total employee costs..

The labor cost reduction allowed the company to invest not only money but also time and effort into business growth, resulting in substantial progress.

  • Payroll Savings For 2023

  • Headcount Growth

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