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Here are the reasons why it’s wise to invest in the Philippines by hiring Filipino workers!

At Penbrothers, we are committed to growing your business sustainably

We analyze your unique business needs and challenges and provide you with customized HR solutions for seamless integration into your existing operation. Our consultative approach ensures you receive proactive guidance and strategic insights, empowering your business to successfully navigate the evolving talent landscape.

With Penbrothers, you gain access to top-tier talent & industry-specific expertise.

We create a vibrant workplace culture that encompasses competitive pay, flexible work options, professional development, and employee engagement for your remote teams. Our commitment to building strong, capable teams ensures long-term retention and a highly efficient work environment.

Partnering with Penbrothers means streamlining your hiring process and maximizing cost effectiveness.

We are here to ensure that you adapt to the growing demands without putting extra pressure on your current team, investing in costly equipment, expanding your workspace, or raising overhead expenses.

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Management Fee

  • Talent Sourcing/Recruitment
  • HR & Payroll Administration
  • Employee Engagement
  • Client Support


  • Workspace & Office Amenities
  • Additional Procurement Support
  • IT Support



  • Salary
  • Benefits
  • Government Fee
  • Healthcare


All-in Monthly
Staffing Fee

We charge a Fixed Fee per employee per month

Our Services

We provide customized solutions to fit your needs in building and operating an efficient remote team, allowing you to focus on other revenue-generating aspects of your business.

The Philippines is packed with amazing talent, and the people are really eager to do creative work. We’re super happy to have found a solid partner in Penbrothers. Teaming up with them has given us room to grow and keep our commitment to delivering amazing work to our clients. We’re truly thankful to have Penbrothers as our partner in progress.

Guillermo Conde,

Head of Customer Support, DesignCrowd

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What started as a partnership for only 1 talent, Tiney's team in Penbrothers grew to include various roles from different departments - enabling them to expedite their operations.

Propeller Aero

Penbrothers and Propeller Aero have been working in close collaboration, scaling their team with 50 handpicked talents for unique and hard-to-fill roles while saving them 73% of employee costs.


Because of their partnership with Penbrothers, Servantex improved operational support for their in-house team while reducing hiring costs.

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