We needed support in terms of payroll and billing, tech service and support, HR, collections, safety, risk, and compliance management. Since April 2021, we have tripled our headcount in Penbrothers. I can definitely say that our dedicated Penbrothers team members are great team players! They are knowledgeable and quick to acclimate to our process and culture. 

-Jane Hamilton

Chief Administrative Officer, Servantex

Because of their partnership with Penbrothers, Servantex improved operational support for their in-house team while reducing hiring costs.

Who is Servantex

SERVANTEX provides national workforce management to clients around the United States. Their family of companies shares a singular focus: service. Servantex serves over 600 clients in 45 markets across the country. Their talent solutions are custom-crafted to fit any business. They’re reliable, cost-effective, and managed on-site.

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The Challenge

Building of Service Center
Servantex sought to build a service center team to help support its employees and clients in ensuring operations are seamless.

Operational Support
From payroll, billing, and HR to collections and risk, safety, and compliance management, Servantex needed to have cost-efficient support for its operations.

The Solution

Servantex partnered with Penbrothers to hire an initial role as an Accounting Specialist. The quality of the talent hired for this role is exceptional that Servantex decided to grow its remote team in the Philippines to more than just accounting. Using the same process to hire the initial role, Penbrothers was able to fill in the requirements of Servantex for Service Center Specialists and CRM Administrator.

Apart from sourcing and hiring talents, we also aided Servantex in navigating the Philippine labor laws by taking care of the administrative functions. These include payroll, tax and compliance, benefits, and retention engagements. Servantex in-house team no longer needs to worry about the HR tasks because we have taken care of that for them.

The Results

From 1 Accounting Specialist, the team grew to include 10 Service Center Specialists and 1 CRM Administrator. Servantex was also able to improve operational support for the in-house team by enabling 24-hour business coverage.

Through their partnership with Penbrothers, Servantex was able to save an average of 79% of the cost per role.

  • Payroll Savings For 2023

  • Headcount Growth


Servantex was particularly impressed by the quality of talent that we were able to source and hire for them. Our talent acquisition process has been proven time and time again that it is effective in looking out for the right talent for each of our clients requirements.

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