We’ve found in Penbrothers is a partnership of agility and flexibility. Together with technology, the teammates they have found for us greatly helped us in ensuring our operations are running smoothly. They helped us save on costs too, as we have been able to source more cost-effective talent who have all the skills we need.

-Lucy Devine

People & Community Lead, Tiney

What started as a partnership for only 1 talent, Tiney’s team in Penbrothers grew to include various roles from different departments – enabling them to expedite their operations.

Who is Tiney

TINEY is on a mission to unlock the potential of every child. It is the fastest-growing childminder agency in the UK established in 2018 and has since then grown to every part of the country. Their mission is to enable affordable childcare for parents, high-quality early education for children, and amazing careers for childminders.

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The Challenge

Rapid Business Growth
Tiney witnessed rapid growth in their business and was starting to see where they lack in their operations, specifically in the pre-qualification stages of potential preschool partners.

Digitization & Back Office Support
A lot of the work was the digitization of various documents as well as support in their back office operations in sales, marketing, and payment support.

The Solution

We quickly realized that time is of the essence with Tiney. We made sure our customized processes work with this at the center. Our talent acquisition process was launched as soon as it was possible in order to place talents faster than the SLA. Thanks to the availability of talent in the Philippines, we were able to accomplish exactly that!

We then proceeded to take care of the employee relations operations of HR, including payroll, tax and compliance, benefits, and engagement so the in-house team of Tiney can focus on growing the business without the hassle of the administrative tasks.

The Results

Tiney approached Penbrothers to initially hire 1 talent only. However, when they realized how good and talented Filipinos are, they soon expanded their remote team to different fields. Because of these hires, Tiney’s processes were expedited and grew to become more seamless. With their partnership with us, Tiney was able to save an average of 80% of the cost per role.

  • Payroll Savings For 2023

  • Headcount Growth


The quick turnaround of candidate endorsements impressed Tiney so much that they decided to hire more talent to accomplish different tasks in their operations.

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