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We had a growing need for encoding data and hiring locally would require more resources on our end. We wanted a team that can be sourced out quickly and for a fraction of the cost. We also wanted to increase our productivity levels without compromising professionalism. We found exactly that with Penbrothers. The quality of their endorsements and quick turnaround time for hiring are impressive!

-Henry Waterfield

Founder & COO, Spot Ship

The need to quickly fill in roles to accomplish administrative tasks was identified as a priority for Spot Ship and they turned to the Philippines as a talent hub not only to save on cost but also to deliver high-quality results with professionalism.

Who is Spot Ship

Spot Ship is the ship broker’s digital assistant. Utilising powerful Artificial Intelligence and machine learning tools, Spot Ship enables ship brokers leverage their data at incredible speed; thus reducing their admin burden. Machine learning enables the platform to support optimal decision-making, based on observation of past phenomena, and offer rapid customisation according to your preferences.

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The Challenge

Increasing Need for Data Encoders

Sourcing people locally for administrative tasks would require more resources from Spot Ship’s end such as time, cost, and focus which can be allocated more strategically.

High Level of Productivity and Professionalism

As a company working from afar, Spot Ship wanted people to perform at a high level of productivity and with professionalism while delivering quality results for the team.

The Solution

First determining the right talent was key to making the partnership between Spot Ship and Penbrothers work. Our customized solution and collaborative nature enabled the whole hiring process to go smoothly to the point where candidate endorsements were quickly provided. After the hiring process, our team then proceeded to take care of the operational HR functions like payroll, tax and compliance, benefits, and retention until this writing.

The Results

Penbrothers enabled Spot Ship to skyrocket their productivity and be more strategic with resource allocation through quality endorsements of talent with a quick turnaround time for hiring for a fraction of the cost in the Philippines. Spot Ship was able to save an average of 73.87% of the cost per role with their remote team members in Penbrothers.

  • Payroll Savings For 2023

  • Headcount Growth


Spot Ship had a clear picture of what they needed in terms of skills and goals. This made it easier for our talent acquisition team to source and hire the right talent who can take on the job and bring Spot Ship to greater heights. Spot Ship figured this out along with our team, thanks to our collaborative way of working.

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