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Working with Penbrothers has been pivotal to our success. The speed of hiring and quality of the talents enable us to keep delivering top-notch service to our clients and communities. They are incredibly helpful with all of our concerns, and communication has always been seamless. We see Penbrothers as a growth partner for many more years to come!

-Brad McCaig

Chief Operating Officer, The LOTE Agency

Because of their increasing workload, The LOTE Agency partnered with Penbrothers to scale quickly with cost-effective Filipino talent. This partnership saves them an average of 75% of the total employee costs.

Who is The LOTE Agency

The LOTE Agency connects government bodies, corporates, advertising agencies and marketing professionals with audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds. They work to understand their clients’ audience and ensure their message reaches them through research, community engagement and multilingual, multichannel communications campaigns.

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The Challenge

Inability to Scale Quickly

The LOTE Agency found itself having troubles with scaling up or down at a faster pace than what they were expecting. They needed the flexibility to adapt anytime to their changing work volume and business needs.

Increased Workload

Contracts and customers keep coming in at The LOTE Agency, and they needed more high-quality talents to pick up the load and ensure that their operations still run smoothly.

The Solution

We swiftly drew up job descriptions and started sourcing for their talent needs. We provided them with quality Filipino talent within only 20 days.

Penbrothers also managed the end-to-end HR function for The LOTE Agency’s Filipino remote team—from sourcing, onboarding, and payroll to benefits and offboarding.

The Results

By building an offshore team, The LOTE Agency now caters to more clients and serves the existing ones better. Its in-house team also focuses on providing boots-on-the-ground support to their clients while the Filipino remote team, hired through Penbrothers, takes care of project support among other things.

Also, The LOTE Agency saved an average of 75% of the total employee costs.

  • Payroll Savings For 2023

  • Headcount Growth


For The LOTE Agency, we achieved results by meeting our clients’ talent requirements and customizing our solutions to exceed their expectations. Our in-house talent acquisition and HR expertise helped the agency find the right talent. We also take care of administrative support.

On the other hand, The LOTE Agency’s commitment to diversity played to their advantage, as they hired Filipinos to work with their similarly diverse clients.

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