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We highly recommend Penbrothers to any company seeking to hire outstanding Filipino talent and work with a trusted partner who is committed to their success.

-Chantelle Cassin

Talent Acquistion Manager, Propeller Aero

Penbrothers and Propeller Aero have been working in close collaboration, scaling their team with 50 handpicked talents for unique and hard-to-fill roles while saving them 73% of employee costs.

Who is Propeller Aero

PROPELLER AERO is a SaaS company that uses drone operations and enterprise IT expertise to bring innovation to the civil construction and earthworks industry. Their built-for-construction hardware and software provide surveyors and project managers with the tools they need to produce accurate and reliable site surveys. Propeller’s solution unlocks 3D visualization survey insights that can be shared across the entire construction project, helping customers make better and faster decisions around site management.

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The Challenge

Propeller Aero needed to expand its workforce to meet the growing demand for its services. However, hiring in Australia, where the company is based, was not feasible due to high labor costs and limited talent availability. As a solution, they explored expanding their workforce in the Philippines, known for its steady supply of qualified geospatial specialists.

Propeller Aero sought a partner with expertise in the Philippine labor market. They needed a service provider who could manage their HR operations and payroll, act as an employer of record, handle employment contracts and legal documents, and enable legal hiring in the Philippines, minimizing risks and setting up the company for success.

The Solution

We were quick to provide Propeller Aero with quality candidates and the hiring process only took 40 days to complete. Propeller Aero’s leadership was impressed by the quality of the endorsements as most came from the Philippines’ top university which also has a specialization similar to Propeller Aero’s industry.

We also facilitated Propeller Aero’s remote team members’ pre-boarding and onboarding, as well as support in HR functions such as payroll, tax and compliance, benefits, training and development, and employee engagement.

The Results

Propeller Aero’s partnership with Penbrothers enabled them to hire hard-to-fill roles such as Software Engineers, Geospatial Specialists, Quality Assurance Engineers, Data Success Specialists, and GIS Specialists. They were also able to focus on their clients and services with a sense of peace knowing that their team members are well taken care of by our dedicated HR team.

Penbrothers helped Propeller Aero save an average of 73% of the cost per role.

  • Payroll Savings For 2023

  • Headcount Growth


Our Talent Acquisition and HR expertise proved to be a valuable asset for Propeller Aero’s operations as they no longer have to source for hard-to-fill roles within their own country and handle the end-to-end processes themselves. Plus, they are able to save their bucks to be reallocated to better help their clients. The support we provide for their team is second to none and has always been a productive relationship.

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