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    Journey to the Top: Finding Success in Taking On Bigger Responsibilities

    When starting a new chapter in life, we tend to think of the end goal. We want our actions and choices to be as calculated as possible to reach our goals. 

    But life, as we know it, has other plans. In this success story, life’s plans were even bigger than Giemer, our Senior Customer Success Manager, could ever imagine. 

    We’re reminded too that when you’re in the right company, loyalty, perseverance, and hard work certainly don’t go unnoticed. 

    A Good Fit for the Role

    In 2018, Giemer Gellanga stumbled upon a job posting for a receptionist role at Penbrothers. It was her first time applying for a job that would require her to go to Manila daily, and that made her a bit worried since she was staying in Laguna at that time, but also excited. After a series of interviews, she was offered the position, which she happily accepted. 

    She instantly became one of Penbrothers’ pioneer employees and was tasked to help plan and launch the then-new office in the OPL Building at Makati’s central business district.

    Her role also entails serving as a bridge between Penbrothers and its clients. “I’ve had the opportunity to interact with most of our clients, offering them the warmest hospitality and assistance,” Giemer says.

    “It’s a role that fits like a glove, allowing me to blend my operational duties with the joy of daily client interaction,” she adds. 

    Branching Out to Greater Responsibilities 

    After a while, her role eventually evolved to training new members of the company. For Giemer, this goes to show how nurturing the work environment in Penbrothers is.

    Proving her efficiency in planning out launches of new offices, she was again tasked with the crucial role of launching a dedicated office space for some of Penbrothers’ valued clients. 

    “These experiences deepened my understanding of our client’s diverse needs and solidified my expertise in providing tailored support,” Giemer says. 

    Giemer recalls how she sailed through the pandemic without faltering. 

    “Despite the challenges, I remained with Penbrothers. My tenure and the experience I had gained over the years played a role in this continuity. This period tested our team’s resilience and adaptability, as well as highlighted the trust Penbrothers placed in me.”

    Rising Through the Ranks

    In 2021 when Penbrothers had rapid business growth, the management formed a team dedicated to ensuring quality customer experience. Giemer knew at once that she was indeed a perfect fit for this team. 

    My knowledge of the clients was deep-rooted, and the trust we had mutually established over the years meant that the transition into this new role would be seamless,” she shares.

    Taking on her new role as Customer Success Specialist got Giemer very excited because it allowed her to put her administrative expertise to good use, alongside her client management skills. “I felt that the recommendation from my previous superiors as a receptionist was not just a recognition of my past work but also a vote of confidence in my ability to add value to Penbrothers,” she says.

    Her perseverance and hard work didn’t go unrewarded. 

    When the Customer Experience Team head left, Giemer happily assumed the role and the challenges that came with it. 

    In 2022, when the team’s focus was even more narrowed to client obsession and service delivery, Giemer was promoted to her current role as Customer Success Manager. 

    “As I rose through the ranks, the seminars and training I had were focused on professional and personal growth. This comprehensive approach to employee development has helped me evolve into a true asset for the company.”

    Why She Chooses to Stay

    Giemer recalls the many times the company took a chance on her potential for growth. Looking back, Giemer feels nothing but gratitude for it. 

    “At Penbrothers, I’ve found a place where my contributions are recognized, my growth is prioritized, and my success is celebrated,” Giemer says. I’ve been with Penbrothers for over five years because I’m valued here, I’m part of something bigger, and I’m continuously inspired to be my best self,” she adds. 

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    She has gained her confidence, ready to take on any challenge because of everyone’s faith in her, and because of how every accomplishment is rewarded with positive feedback from clients. 

    Giemer recounts when one of PB’s biggest clients acknowledged her hard work. “I trust you to make these decisions, you always have the solutions for us,” she quoted the client as saying.

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