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    Behind the Blueprint: An Architect’s Secret to Success

    Architecture is said to be one of the most challenging college degrees. 

    It is so challenging that a study by Indiana University’s National Study of Student Engagement (NSSE) in 2016 revealed that architecture students spend an average of 22.2 hours per week of outside-class work. The study was a result of a survey conducted by the NSSE among thousands of students in the US.

    Getting that college degree is not the end for architects though. They have to gain enough experience, develop their skills, and work on their eye for detail. 

    Luckily for architectural firms, Filipino architects are highly qualified and skilled to get the job precisely done!

    We share the story of Senior Architectural Technician John Lester Atienza who has been instrumental in the success of one of our clients, Mulder Kampman Design.

    How His Success Started

    Mulder Kampman Design is an architectural firm based in Western Australia. Their services include design, documentation, and planning using the latest technology and software.

    To access the best architectural talent at an efficient cost, the company built a remote team in the Philippines to take charge of creating digital blueprints for industrial and educational institutions.

    One of their Filipino team members is John Lester Atienza or simply John.

    John creates detailed drawings of their plans while also helping the team identify what needs to be done. Part of his responsibilities is to produce particulars needed for the working drawings and update them according to the stage of submission.

    He takes pride in having a keen eye for detail, which is a result of a combination of practice and experience. Prior to joining Mulder Kampman Design, John was a part of an architectural firm in the US where he produced working drawings compliant with strict standards.

    The Pride In The Success

    John shares his proudest achievement, “Because of my keen eye for detail, my manager saw my potential. He entrusted me with the responsibility of updating our company’s drawing standards.” 

    As a result of his work, Mulder Kampman Design’s AutoCAD production has become more efficient. John also continuously uses dynamic blocks and LISP (Locator ID Separation Protocol) that automate the process, enabling their team to draw faster with precision.

    Working Inspired

    In return, John enjoys the inspiration that comes with working with Mulder Kampman Design. “Working at Mulder Kampman Design inspires me to expand my expertise, think outside the box, and step out of my comfort zone. I have stayed for so long in this company because I learn a lot of things here.

    Aside from the dynamic working culture in Mulder Kampman Design, he also takes pleasure in the fun and healthy environment that Penbrothers has.

    A group of people gathered around a samgyupsal table, with John Lester Atienza of Mulder Kampman Design at the leftmost.
    John Lester Atienza (leftmost) with the Penbrothers core team

    Being an outsourced employee who chose to work onsite daily, most of John’s interactions are with Penbrothers’ core employees. He recalls getting invited to PB Salo-Salo—Penbrothers’ monthly lunch perk–and other activities as if he were part of the internal team. 

    It makes me feel like part of the family,” John says. “The culture here is really good. It’s far from the conventional rigid and inflexible workplace. People are so cool and chill!”

    Penbrothers’ Role In His Success

    John also shares how Penbrothers helped him in many ways. During the pandemic when lay-offs were common and people feared losing their jobs, the company provided him with job security.

    Penbrothers’ admin support and quick actions were highly appreciated by John. He finds it convenient and reassuring that whenever he needs help, there is always someone from Penbrothers to aid him.

    “The positive work environment at Penbrothers helps me become more creative. I attain my goals efficiently without compromising my mental well-being,” John expresses his appreciation.

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    Watch John’s story below:

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