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Navigating Efficiency: How A Geodetic Engineer Leads as a Propeller of Change

As in any journey, setting a clear destination is essential before you start moving.  

Geodetic engineers do exactly that. They provide a clear vision of your destination by analyzing and measuring locations to see if they fit you and your business. Likewise, geodetic engineers comprehensively study your desired location through mapping and surveying, and provide data that can be used for construction and disaster management.

Due to their huge importance, the Geodetic Device Market sees substantial growth with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 8.2% from 2023 to 2029. 

But for Tox Salvacion, a Geodetic Engineer, his role is more than that. Not only does he provide substantial data to his clients, but he also sets a clear path to success for his team. 

Setting Up as A Geospatial Engineer 

Mark Joshua Salvacion, or Tox as his colleagues call him,  started as a Geospatial Specialist at Propeller Aero in 2018. 

Propeller Aero is a SaaS company based in Australia that provides comprehensive data for the civil construction and earthworks industry through drone operations. Their software and construction hardware equip company project managers and surveyors with the necessary tools to come up with accurate site surveys.  

As a geospatial engineer, Tox surveys construction sites and provides comprehensive analysis to his clients. 

Moving Up The Ranks 

After three years of being a Geospatial Specialist, Tox was promoted to a supervisorial role. Today, Tox supervises a team of seven Geospatial Specialists. 

He provides mentorship and onboards new members comprehensively. Likewise, he is hands-on in troubleshooting escalating data sets and continuously improving their systems, both internally and externally. 

“We are always looking for ways to improve our ways and work,” Tox eagerly shares. 

Tox adds that he enjoys his new role as a supervisor most because he can propel the growth of his team members through constant coaching and professional support. 

Likewise,  he also ensures that he gives his team freedom to navigate their tasks because he recognizes that authentic growth stems from personal experience. 

Tox and the rest of the Propeller Aero team at one of their off-sites in Vietnam

“My leadership style emphasizes direct constructive feedback or radical candor. Ultimately,  this has shaped my way of seeing things,” Tox shares.

Fostering a Healthy Work Environment 

What makes thriving in his role easy, Tox says, is that he takes delight in sharing how professionally healthy and supportive his working environment is. 

“Professionalism here means you can voice out your insights clearly and that they are valued every single day,.” he shares.

He goes on by saying that he deeply enjoys working at Propeller Aero because office politicking has no place in it. “It’s all about building genuine connections, mutual respect, and a shared passion for work,” Tox says.

Through fostering a healthy work environment where everyone can thrive and grow, Tox sees a real change in the direct impact that their effort produces. 

Propeller Aero has remote members from all over the world, and that allowed him to work with his European counterparts. Tox says that working with their European counterparts has made him and his team globally competitive.

“As a Filipino, we believe that we can match, if not exceed, global standards. It pushes me to set the bar high.”

Tox sharing a light moment with the rest of the Propeller Aero team virtually

What Propelled Their Growth

Growing their company seemed impossible at first due to high labor costs and limited talent availability in Australia where the company was based. Propeller Aero saw the opportunity to scale and fill crucial roles through offshore staffing.  

With a reliable offshoring partner, they were able to find, hire, and onboard top-notch talents including Software Engineers, Geospatial Specialists, Quality Assurance Engineers, Data Success Specialists, and GIS Specialists in just a matter of 40 days. 

Apart from the timeliness of the hiring process, Propeller was deeply impressed by how shifting to offshore staffing helped them save an average of 73% of the cost per role.  

Penbrothers continues to play a crucial role in Propeller’s journey. 

“Their hands-on approach has alleviated potential administrative challenges and allowed us to focus more on our roles here in Propeller.” 

For Tox, Penbrothers’ efforts in consistently refining processes internally allow them to further enhance their client’s experience simultaneously. 

Watch Tox’s story below:

Like Propeller Aero, you can find the perfect match in a hard-to-fill role, just like they did with Tox. 

Scaling your business starts with finding the right offshoring partner who can access top-tier talents and streamline your processes, allowing you to focus on your business. 

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