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All Aboard For Growth: A Data Manager’s Will to Succeed

Finding your niche is one thing, but succeeding in it requires a deeper sense of responsibility to be better at what you do, if not the best. 

As businesses continuously shift to digitalization,  one of the most crucial roles to fill is data manager. A Statista study shows that the data industry’s five-year forecast is looking bright, as the data market’s revenue worldwide is expected to reach $103 billion by 2027. Companies now invest heavily in data managers who will oversee their entire data lifecycles. 

Wilfred Guiriba is one of the pioneer data team members of Spot Ship. Here, he shares how his perseverance in honing his skills has made him advance from a specialist to a manager in just less than two years. 

Setting Sail On A New Career Path

Spot Ship is where Wilfred found a career opportunity that led him to be one of their data specialists. The company is a digital assistant for ship brokers that aids them in streamlining their operations and learning new machines through artificial intelligence (AI). 

The platform also covers administrative tasks that allow brokers to leverage data more efficiently. Likewise, through machine learning, Spot Ship optimizes decision-making through past phenomena analysis, and rapid customization based on clients’ preferences. 

Wilfred Guiriba, or simply Wil as his colleagues call him, is Spot Ship’s Data Team Manager. He leads his data-driven team and associates by providing substantial support in their everyday deliverables, challenges encountered, and productivity management. 

He takes pride in fostering camaraderie and building an environment of trust, accountability, and professionalism in his team.

Wilfred (extreme right), having a light moment with his teammates.

Reaping the Returns of Hardwork 

Wilfred’s utmost dedication to his role was rewarded speedily. After just a year and a half of being a data specialist and then a senior data analyst, he was promoted to Data Team Manager. 

“I take pride in my contributions, characterized by dedication, quality work, effective communication with managers, and building trust among my colleagues,” Wil says, proudly recounting how he considers his promotion his greatest achievement in the company. 

Now, he leads young data professionals in his team by continuously integrating new technologies and equipping them with adept knowledge of data management, policies, and protocols.

This is his way of paying it forward to his ever-supportive managers and efficient colleagues—for allowing him to grow in a place where he feels valued. 

What Paved the Way for Wil’s Career Path

Wil shares his satisfaction with Penbrothers’ consistency in being responsive and supportive with all of his needs in payroll and other essential administrative tasks.  

“Thanks to Penbrothers, the transactions adhering to our concerns run smoothly with no hassle,” Wil says. 

Wilfred and team at the Penbrothers OPL Office.

For Wil, Penbrothers’ expertise in offshore staffing paved the way for him to find his career path and succeed in it by connecting him to Spot Ship. 

Watch Wilfred’s story below:

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