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    New Year’s Resolutions 2024: Filipino Workplace Edition

    The “ber” months are over, but the spirit of fresh starts lingers! With the promise of starting anew comes  the inevitable whispers of New Year’s resolutions. But generic pledges like “lose weight” or “learn a new language” don’t always translate well to the office grind.

    Now, we at Penbrothers are brimming with optimism and goals for the year ahead. So, let’s tap into the wisdom of our own team! We asked five of our employees to share their New Year’s resolutions, all with a Filipino workplace twist!

    Read on for some work-related resolutions that might just spark your own path to a more promising and fulfilling career in 2024.

    5 New Year’s Resolutions to Inspire You at Work

    🎯 Have a Better Work-Life Balance

    Clarence, our Total Rewards Lead, is stepping out of the spreadsheet world and into a realm of structured routines and non-stop learning. “Adopting a continuous learning mindset is on my agenda, actively acquiring fresh skills to keep up with the changing demands of remote work. “

    Her focus this 2024? Creating a work-from-home setup that balances professional development with personal well-being. Clarence’s resolution is a reminder that success extends beyond numbers, encompassing a healthy and happy life.

    🎯 Become an Inspiration to the Team

    Kazro, our esteemed Sr. HR Business Partner, wants to become a lighthouse of hope and motivation for his team. “I aim to champion teamwork, trust, and stability—qualities that we need in our organization.”

    Imagine a workplace where every member feels valued, supported, and empowered to face any challenge. Where open communication flows freely, and teamwork isn’t just a buzzword, but a lived experience. That’s what Kazro will be working towards this 2024.

    🎯 Learn a New Skill

    Kyle, our powerhouse QA tester, has her sights set on expanding her horizons, whether it’s mastering new programming languages or embracing new responsibilities. “My New Year’s resolution is to be a better version of myself in my profession, and I want to contribute significantly to the team with my knowledge.”

    Ultimately, Kyle’s goal is to share her knowledge and expertise and boost the team’s collective performance. Her journey of professional growth in 2024 promises to be an inspiring one, as she cements her place as a respected and impactful member of her team.

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    🎯 Start a Healthier Daily Work Routine

    Katrina, our Talent Acquisition Specialist, isn’t just searching for the top 3% talent for our clients but also creating healthy daily work. “I want to foster healthy and positive relationships with all my stakeholders, striving for excellence and diligence in all work-related tasks while maintaining humility and confidence.”

    Her resolutions blend personal well-being with positive connections and professional excellence. Katrina’s commitment to finding the best talents while nurturing a harmonious work environment is sure to make 2024 a fantastic year for her.

    🎯 Enhance My Professional Growth

    Brian, our amazing Customer Success Manager, is gearing up to supercharge his impact and empower the team. “I’m going to focus on continuous learning, manage my time more effectively, enhance my communication skills, and ensure wellness and work-life balance.”

    He’s mastering time management, and honing his communication skills to become a champion for both customers and colleagues. Brian’s proactive approach to identifying areas for improvement and proposing innovative solutions promises to drive customer success to new heights.

    Final Thoughts

    These are just a few ideas from our team for a better year career-wise! So, whether you’re trying to find the right career path for you, manage your time better, be a better team player, or master your craft, draw inspiration from their goals and make this year your most fulfilling yet.

    Remember, the new year is a blank canvas waiting to be painted with your vibrant ambition. Let’s make 2024 a masterpiece!

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