Earn 10% commission for a year

Bring us enough clients, and your
service at PB will be FREE.


Refer a business

Referral signs

Get paid!

Cash incentives for every successful referral!


Let's say you've successfully referred three companies of various sizes, as indicated below:

Company ATotal Monthly Management + Seat FeeUSD 1,500
Company BTotal Monthly Management + Seat FeeUSD 1,000
Company CTotal Monthly Seat FeeUSD 500

Now let's combine that with something very familiar...


We will be deducting the referral fee from your invoice directly. No fuss or frills. This means you can earn massive discounts for a full year with just a few referrals! Bring in more referrals, you could potentially enjoy our services for FREE.

Sounds very exciting, doesn't it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can submit?
There’s no limit, so you can give us as many referrals as you want!
What if there's more than 1 claim to a referral?
Don’t worry, in the event of a dispute, Penbrothers will give the referral to the first one who submits via the form.
What if I submit my referral via personal message or email, does it still count?
In order to ensure that your entry is received, all referrals must be submitted through the form on this page; submissions via other channels are not valid.
Can I get referral fee for all of my referrals? What are the services that I can get a referral fee?
Only referred Managed Services clients will be considered to be part of this referral program.

Managed Services clients are those who intend to build their teams in the Philippines. This service includes all our HR Management services, from sourcing to full employment.
After a successful referral, how and when will I receive my payment?
Your incentive can either be deducted from your regular invoice, added to your credit note, or paid in cheque. Please reach out to your Customer Experience Manager to let us know your preference.
How do we compute for the referral fee?
The basis for the referral fee is the first invoice of the referral's management services fee, excluding all deposits.

(600,000 Total Invoice - 500,000 Total Deposits) * 15% = Php 15,000

Terms and Conditions

  • You will earn a 10% incentive based on the referral’s first service invoice, excluding deposit
  • The referral should sign for at least twelve (12) months
  • The incentive will be released within thirty (30) days after the referral’s first invoice payment
  • All referrals must be submitted via the form on this page

Referral Form