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LGBTQIA+ In The Workplace: The Importance of An Inclusive Workspace

A tech enthusiast once said technology is at its best when it brings people together. Technological breakthroughs happen every day. While keeping up with the latest tech buzz may seem impossible, its benefits to human connection make it worthwhile. 

When technology and humanity meet, boundless opportunities happen. Take it from the story of Servantex’s Tech Business Analyst, Devy Romulo. In her role, she sees herself as a bridge that connects technology to people who need it. 

As a transgender woman, she defies all boundaries by cultivating an environment of inclusivity, acceptance, and respect. 

Starting As A Bridge Of Technology 

Devy started working as a Tech Business Analyst for Servantex in 2023. 

Servantex is an employee-owned company based in the US that provides workforce management solutions to the hospitality industry. 

The company positively impacts the industry by creating better employment opportunities for hotel staff, housekeepers, and food and beverage professionals. 

As a Tech Business Analyst, Devy handles non-system administration tasks. She facilitates system onboarding on some of the technologies they use at work. Likewise, Devy is in charge of process documentation, tech enablement projects, and system optimization. 

“I help bridge technology to the people that support our business.” 

For Devy, Servantex’s mission to provide a safe and welcoming workplace resonates with her the most. She shares how she can bring her authentic self to work without judgment. 

Working In A Safe Space For A Transgender Woman

Research suggests that 75% of LGBTQIA+ members in the United States work at a company where they can feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work. 

Devy enjoys working in a safe space. Working at the back end of the business might be mundane, but she emphasizes how critical her work is. 

“It’s a domino effect. We try to make our front offices work easier, so they can make our talents’ work easier,she says.

She proudly shares that their efficiency and hard work result in a high client satisfaction rate of 95%. Last year, Servantex’s hospitality staffing subsidiary, Heart of the House, was awarded the Best of Staffing Award for Client Satisfaction.

Devy with the Tech team

 Devy talks about how playing volleyball contributes to her efficiency at work. 

“I learned how to be strategic and systematic in approaching the game. I also do that at work. I systematically approach things to present the best strategy.”

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Her Most Valuable Contributions at Work

Devy shares how generous Servantex is in recognizing everyone’s hardwork. Her active participation in tech-enablement projects, as well as her initiative in leading the testing of their new application for food and beverage, won her the Future Thinker Award

Devy (left), receiving the Future Thinker Award

Likewise, she was awarded the Bucket Filler Award for making everyone’s day brighter with her natural warmth and ability to bring the team together. 

Devy is grateful to Servantex for being a channel of change by creating opportunities for hospitality talents worldwide. 

The Importance Of Shared Values At Work

Just like most talents today, Devy ensures that she works in a company with values aligned with hers. 

“Penbrothers and Servantex have the same core values which kept me here and what keeps me going.”

Both companies have humanizing growth as their core. Both believe that success can be achieved by putting people first. 

Ultimately, Devy remains her best at work because she continues to enjoy the respect and acceptance of her colleagues, superiors, and clients no matter what her gender identity may be. 

Watch Devy’s full story here:

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