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    Finding Meaning and Excelling at Work: A Project Manager’s Journey

    Work is one of the top sources of meaning for adults worldwide, according to a recent Pew Research Center report. Having a job you like is “fundamental for a person,” shared one of the survey respondents. 

    This holds true for Niña Azares, who finds meaning and fulfillment in working at an Australia-based multicultural agency. Her inspiring story tells us that the road to finding meaning starts with discovering your niche and growing in it. 

    How Her Journey Started 

    Niña has been with The LOTE Agency as a Project Manager for four years now. She oversees client projects from beginning to end. As a natural people person, she enjoys building meaningful relationships and strong bonds with their clients.

    The LOTE Agency is one of Australia’s leading multicultural companies specializing in research work, engagement campaigns, and translation services to break down cultural barriers. 

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    On Finding Meaning in Her Career

    It‘s not every day that employees find their true calling and succeed in their careers. Niña found hers in her current role. 

    Apart from maximizing her project planning skills, she’s happy working for a company whose mission she shares deeply: bridging cultural gaps and breaking down language barriers. 

    “I’m proud of the meaningful work that we do for the multicultural community. We ensure that their voices are heard and that they’re getting the information they need—in the way they need it,” Niña shares. 

    Working with people from different cultures is what she enjoys the most. She shares that Australians are some of the most collaborative and chill people she has ever worked with, making her job all the more meaningful and satisfying. 

    Making a Mark at Work 

    Niña (center), with her colleagues at the Lote Agency during a Christmas Party in Australia.

    Niña has worked on many projects in the past, and her years of experience made her more than capable of generating unique concepts for her clients. She shares some of her notable achievements, particularly projects that had the most impact.

    During the pandemic, The LOTE Agency worked with government agencies to translate important announcements, guidelines, and news for the cross-cultural community in Australia. 

    Her journalism background, having worked in a radio station before, made this project memorable for her. She saw the impact of reaching a broader audience through the agency’s translation services. 

    Niña recalls another remarkable project that helped the older community plan for later life. 

    For her, this brought a deeper meaning to what she does at work. She is no longer just a project manager but also an agent of change in the community. 

    Getting the Right Support from Penbrothers

    Niña (left), shares a light moment with her colleagues at The LOTE Agency

    Project management is a tougher job than most people think. A project manager’s success relies heavily on her ability to work well with a team and manage different stakeholders. How does Niña keep up with the demands of her role?

    Working with a reliable, well-performing team helps a lot, she shares. Niña also says she can navigate her multi-faceted role through the help and guidance of Penbrothers. 

    Aside from the flexible hybrid work setup she enjoys, Niña can focus on her role better through the Penbrothers’ prompt support on all her concerns, be it HR, accounting, or technical-related. 

    She highlights how employee-centric Penbrothers is.  “It feels good to be in a company that is supportive and assigns you to companies that care about their employees, too,” Niña says. 

    On Finding Her Niche

    With how good things are going for her professionally, Niña has indeed found her place in the corporate world, where she gets a sense of fulfillment and does meaningful and impactful work for the community. 

    Watch Niña’s full story here:

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    Through remote work, many foreign businesses now see the value of having Filipino talent aboard, just like how The LOTE Agency found an outstanding employee in Niña. 

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