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    Penbrothers Secures Key Investment from Mynavi Corporation

    MANILA, Philippines – Leading offshore staffing service provider, Penbrothers, has successfully secured a strategic investment from Mynavi, one of the largest human resource and staffing companies in Japan.

    Nicolas Bivero, CEO and co-founder of Penbrothers stated, “With our consistent profitability, we’ve established ourselves as a premier growth-driven company in the Philippines. This fresh capital will be directed towards investing in our prime assets—our people—and enhancing our service delivery and client engagement.”

    More than 100 global businesses and startups, including Masterclass, Servantex and Luxclusif, trust Penbrothers to hire and build high-performing remote teams in the Philippines.

    Penbrothers co-founder Guilherme Faria voiced Mynavi’s vision, stating, “This alliance is geared towards offering Japanese enterprises the leverage of streamlining operations through offshore staffing. Penbrothers, with its proven expertise in providing high performance-to-cost solutions to businesses across Europe and the US over the past eight years, presents an optimal partner for this venture.”

    From L to R: Mynavi Corporation’s Chief Representative in the Philippines (Investment/Growth) Shota Sakurai, Penbrothers Co-Founder and CEO Nicolas Bivero, and Co-Founder Gui Faria

    With an impressive 482% Absolute Growth Rate from 2018-2021, Penbrothers ranked 4th in the 2023 Philippine Growth Champion list by Statista and tops the charts in the Professional Services Industry category. This achievement positions Penbrothers as the Philippines’ Fastest-Growing Offshore Staffing Company. To date, the company has provided opportunities for over 1,400 Filipino professionals.

    Philippines representative at Mynavi Corporation, Shota Sakurai, expressed that this investment represents a gateway to the future of work, emphasizing the significance of remote work and the need for Japan to seek resources abroad moving forward. He noted that Nicolas and Guilherme’s deep understanding of Japanese business practices, Penbrothers’ extensive experience in offshoring from the Philippines, and Mynavi’s leading position in the HR field in Japan create a powerful synergy for success.

    Penbrothers stands as a beacon of professional advancement for Filipino talents, offering avenues for global career progression, continuous skill enhancement, and fostering a harmonious work-life balance. Emphasizing its commitment to its workforce with competitive compensation and a forward-looking vision, Penbrothers aspires to generate an additional 5,000 job opportunities for the Filipino community by 2026.

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