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    Offshoring to the Philippines: A Viable Solution to Global Talent Challenges

    Talent shortage has been a serious challenge for businesses worldwide, with the percentage skyrocketing from 36% in 2014 to 75% in 2024, reveals a ManpowerGroup study.

    The rising costs of scouting and hiring people—coupled with higher attrition rates—have worsened the global talent scarcity. The pandemic-triggered Great Resignation further intensified these problems, with talent shortage peaking at an alarming 77% in 2023

    2024 global talent shortage data

    With a considerable number of companies struggling with skills availability and looking to grow their teams this year, the hunt for the right talent has reached unprecedented levels.

    These challenges, along with the significant surge in remote work during and after the pandemic, pushed employers to rethink their talent acquisition and retention strategies. Consequently, companies are increasingly building highly skilled and cost-efficient remote teams globally.

    The Philippine Workforce as the Solution to Global Talent Problems

    Emerging as a viable solution to the global talent crunch is the Philippines’ vast yet untapped talent pool. Currently one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, the country is home to workers with a high literacy rate of 97%, high English proficiency, and diverse specializations—qualities that make Filipinos the ideal choice for businesses that need to fill roles. 

    Penbrothers has been a game-changer in tapping this potential for 10 years now. According to CEO and Co-Founder Nicolas Bivero, “The evolving global talent landscape propelled companies, including Penbrothers, to explore talent regionally and globally. We have been leading the way in enabling a seamless approach to acquiring talent across geographical borders.”

    Guided by a commitment to fostering rewarding careers in often-overlooked regions, Penbrothers has been instrumental in elevating the Philippines’ status as an ideal destination for global businesses seeking top-tier talent.

    Penbrothers has excelled in finding and hiring the top 3% of Filipino talent under Bivero’s and his co-founder Guilherme Faria’s strategic direction. The co-founders attribute the company’s success to a diverse strategy tailored to solve their clients’ talent needs.

    Veering away from the conventional resume-centric hiring process, Penbrothers evaluates candidates based on their expertise, skills, and know-how, customizing job descriptions to meet the client’s specific requirements for each role.

    Further enhancing the candidate screening process are aptitude exams, evaluations of personality and cultural compatibility, and thorough background checks.

    This enables clients to hire highly skilled talent aligned with their in-house teams, resulting in significant cost savings—typically 50% lower than local hires—without sacrificing quality. Penbrothers also commits to a fast hiring process of up to 30 days.

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    Penbrothers’ Growth: A Synergy of Hypercare and Client Success

    We grow because we help our clients grow,” says Bivero. 

    To cultivate high-performing remote teams with minimal attrition, Penbrothers has been adopting the Hypercare approach: a consultative and collaborative strategy informed by client feedback, data, and insights. This allows the company to thoroughly understand its client needs, spot any problems, and solve issues before they even happen.

    Penbrothers assigns a dedicated account manager and onboarding specialist to each client, fully aware of the complexities of integrating offshore teams with client operations. To tackle challenges proactively, the company also provides round-the-clock customer support.

    Additionally, its Customer Success teams conduct post-onboarding check-ins with clients every month to evaluate progress, adjust strategies as needed, and ensure new hires are performing and delivering results as expected.

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    Faria shares, “Our strategy has yielded remarkable results, as evidenced by Penbrothers’ exceptional growth. We have achieved an astounding 906% revenue growth and a 276% headcount increase. Currently, our Philippine workforce consists of more than a thousand people working for SMEs and startup businesses across the globe.”

    Recognizing such tremendous growth, Statista and the Philippine Daily Inquirer named Penbrothers the #1 Philippines’ Fastest-Growing Company for 2024. This is the offshore staffing company’s 3rd time earning the prestigious recognition. Previously, Penbrothers ranked 4th in 2023 and 8th in 2022 on the Philippine Growth Champions list.

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    Looking Ahead: A Commitment to Creating Sustainable Impact

    Penbrothers’ growth trajectory is bolstered by its newly formed strategic partnership with Mynavi Corporation, a Japanese human resource and staffing company. 

    “The key investment we secured from Mynavi is more than just financial backing,” explains Faria. “It signifies a seal of approval in Penbrothers’ offshore staffing solutions, specifically tailored to meet the demanding needs of the Japanese market. Currently, Japan has the highest talent shortage in the world at a whopping 85%.”

    “We’re increasing our presence in key markets such as the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and of course, Japan,” Bivero emphasizes. “Our goal is to position offshoring as a proven strategy for addressing talent shortages prevalent in these countries.”

    “This presents an immense opportunity to promote Filipino talent to the world,” he continues. The benefits are two-fold, according to Bivero. “On one hand, businesses gain access to the skilled professionals they need. On the other hand, Filipinos get the chance to work for international employers without leaving their homeland.”

    The Penbrothers core team with co-founders Gui Faria and Nicolas Bivero

    Looking ahead to 2028, Penbrothers seeks to create 5,000 job opportunities for Filipinos. “Beyond just a numerical target, this is our commitment to making a sustainable impact,” says Faria. “Each individual placed in a role represents support for a family, the advancement of a career, and a contribution to the Philippines’ economic development.”

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