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    Outsource Call Center to the Philippines, the BPO Capital of the World (Plus a Better Way to Get It Done)

    In a consumer-based society, customer service can make or break companies. A Qualtrics survey forecasted that companies worldwide may lose up to USD 3.7 trillion annually from poor customer service.

    This number is alarming, as 88% of consumers value customer service in 2024. Customer experience is as important as a company’s product or service. Most customers shift to their favorite brand’s competitors when they experience poor customer service.

    If you have a growing need for exceptional customer service, consider outsourcing customer service. When you outsource to the Philippines, you partner with longtime customer support establishments with proven capabilities. We’ll also tackle a better way to do outsourcing.

    The Philippine BPO Industry: Timeline and Milestones

    Did you know that the BPO industry in the Philippines started in 1992? The year saw the first contact center for outsourcing in the Philippines being established. 

    By 2005, the Philippines has conquered 3% of the global BPO market. It became the world’s BPO capital in 2010. In 2022, the Philippine BPO industry had an estimated value of USD 32.5 billion. It is set to grow annually by 10%.

    At present, over 1.3 million remote Filipino workers are in the Philippine BPO industry. They represent 10-15% of the global BPO market. Although India is still the top player in the field, the Philippines ranks closely brought about by the impressive soft skills of Philippine remote workers.

    Filipinos are known for their excellent service, English proficiency, and affinity to Western culture. In fact, one of the most commonly outsourced jobs in the Philippines is customer support. 

    Filipinos deliver reliable customer service to sectors like:

    • Healthcare
    • Financial Services
    • Retail
    • Technology
    • Telecommunications

    The skills and expertise of Philippine remote professionals have improved the profitability and cost savings of businesses worldwide. A US company needing customer service support can save on labor costs with Filipino call center agents. 

    Based on a transparent offshore salary calculator, choosing the Philippines as a BPO partner can have up to: 

    • 55% savings for US companies 
    • 50% savings for AU companies
    • 44% savings for UK companies

    These massive savings estimates allow companies to invest in their core processes and leave room for more profit.

    Watch how a Filipino customer service desk agent impacts his organization’s goals through excellent communication and negotiation skills:

    10 Types of Call Centers for Customer Support

    Call centers can differ based on the services offered or the location of the team. Knowing which type of customer support team is best for your organization’s needs is a must.

    1. Inbound

    Inbound call centers receive a large volume of calls from customers of a company or brand. Support specialists answer or resolve customer requests regarding questions, issues, and tech support, to name a few.

    2. Outbound

    Outbound call centers are the opposite of inbound support. Outbound support agents call customers to provide or offer various services. These range from market research, customer satisfaction surveys, lead generation, scheduling appointments, telemarketing, and event registrations.

    3. Combined

    Combined or blended call centers simply provide both inbound and outbound support. Customer service outsourcing companies in the Philippines are commonly combined call centers.

    4. Automated

    Because of automation technology, artificial intelligence outsourcing is changing the game. Intelligent call services like online scheduling help with inbound calls. The new technologies build efficiency in automated call centers.

    5. Omnichannel

    Omnichannel call centers are combined call centers but with expanded media means. They provide call support and text, email, and social media services to perform inbound and outbound customer services.

    6. Multichannel

    Multichannel call centers offer omnichannel services. However, structurally, every team for a certain communication channel works independently from each other.

    7. Virtual

    Virtual call centers are unique because they don’t have centralized locations. Virtual assistants work in their homes and give 24/7 service in any time zone.

    8. In-House

    In-house call centers are call teams housed in a company’s headquarters. However, an in-house group requires a significant investment in infrastructure, onboarding, training, technical support, and many others.

    9. Outsourced

    Outsourcing companies in the Philippines may be an alternative to in-house teams. Third-party service providers already have the manpower, infrastructure, and other requirements to sustain call teams.

    10. Offshore

    Offshore call centers may be more optimal than in-house or outsource work to the Philippines. They provide more significant cost savings because customer support agents do not need a centralized facility for work. Companies also gain better control over their offshore team than outsourced customer support in the Philippines.

    Should You Offshore or Outsource a Call Center to the Philippines?

    You can access some of the best customer service support from outsourcing to the Philippines or through offshoring. The two strategies provide viable solutions to the global talent shortage. You implement either of them through outsourcing or offshoring partners. Both bring cost savings and allow your main team to dedicate their time and efforts to core functions.

    However, the difference between outsourcing and offshoring is the distinct advantages of the latter. Offshoring provides low-cost and long-term global talent for your company. As a result, you can gain increased productivity because of delegated customer service. You still retain a high control level over your offshore team to ensure quality.

    How to Build Your Offshore Customer Support

    You can find, hire, and build your team using the following checklist:

    • Determine your customer support goals
    • Choose your offshore partner
    • Calculate needed funds and resources
    • Try out different call tools and equipment
    • Maximize call processes using integrated tools
    • Design a plan for implementation
    • Initiate positive connections
    • Plan for the unexpected and emergencies
    • Follow remote team performance

    An offshoring partner for customer service in the Philippines can help support your customer’s satisfaction metrics. They can also perform the following tasks for you:

    • Onboard seasoned and empathic Filipino customer service workers
    • Provide adequate training
    • Give full HR, payroll, and compliance support

    Offshore Customer Service Support to the Philippines

    Customer service is more crucial than ever for any company. Because of the current market attitude, building a customer support team has become a priority.

    Offshore to the Philippines the customer service operations you need. Remote support workers provide skills, experience, and cost savings. At the same time, the productivity of the main team is highly likely to increase, while you maintain a high level of control for quality assurance.

    Hire offshore employees and secure quality customer service for your clientele.

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