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    Hiring Remote Workers in the Philippines? Check These Commonly Outsourced Jobs

    The Philippine outsourcing industry has grown by up to 10% per year, employing at least 1.3 million workers and generating $29.5 billion in revenue comprising 7.5% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). 

    No wonder the Philippines is one of the 10 most preferred outsourcing locations in the world, according to Deloitte’s 2023 survey

    Based on research by the Penbrothers team, here are the top 10 outsourced jobs to the Philippines and why Filipino talents are hired by international businesses. 

    10 Most Outsourced Roles to Filipino Workers 

    📌 Full-Stack Web Developer

    outsourced jobs philippines - full-stack web developer

    Filipino talents don’t settle for mediocrity and see through every minute detail to ensure the quality of their work is up to global standards. 

    Aside from these soft skills, Filipino full-stack web developers are also well-equipped with technical skills, particularly end-to-end technology, configuration, and deployment. Filipino web developers are well-equipped with high-valued knowledge of web development approaches such as LAMP, MEAN, to XAMPP. 

    Foreign businesses can hire high-quality web developers in the Philippines at a faster speed and lower cost than building a local team. 

    Need a full-stack developer? Use our Offshore Staffing Calculator to find out how much you can save if you hire the role in the Philippines.

    📌 Tech Support / IT Operations

    According to a Statista report, the IT-BPM (Information Technology-Business Process Management) industry’s revenue in the Philippines reached $26.2 billion in 2020. 

    The Philippine IT-BPM sector is expected to keep growing. “By 2028, the industry may be able to contribute up to 8.5% to the country’s GDP,” said IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines President Jack Madrid.

    The government’s efforts in laying the foreground on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education has resulted in an influx of Filipino IT professionals. In fact, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies reported an oversupply of IT graduates in 2025.

    📌 Quality Assurance/Tester

    Quality assurance analysts work in a very crucial stage of product development. This requires them to be detail-oriented and organized. Filipino quality assurance experts demonstrate such skills in the workplace. 

    Our research also found that this particular role easily lands at the top of the outsourced tech jobs in the Philippines. Filipinos would go the extra mile to ensure that your products are tested meticulously before being released to the market. 

    📌 Customer Support Representative 

    outsourced jobs philippines - Call Center Agent

    Thirty years after the inception of the BPO industry in the Philippines, the country has outranked India as one of the world’s top call center outsourcing hotspots. Some Filipinos are hired by Fortune Global 500 companies like Microsoft Amazon, Facebook, and Google, among many others. 

    Global companies look for these three key skills in talents when building their customer support team: adaptability to new technologies, excellent communication skills, and persistence in holding shifts to ensure round-the-clock support. Filipino talents tick all the boxes in these areas. 

    Additionally, Filipinos are known for their empathy and innate ability to remain calm when  dealing with customers and helping them solve their concerns. 

    📌 Front-End Developer 

    Apart from their technical proficiency, Filipino front-end developers are known to be detail-oriented and critical thinkers. They make sure that there are no broken links and that the interface of the site is built to meet the needs of its intended users. 

    Additionally, they know their way around making things accessible to all kinds of users. They know how to maximize the functionality of the site or app that they’re building.  

    📌 Graphic Designer  

    outsourced jobs philippines - Graphic Designer

    Filipino graphic designers are versatile and flexible,  establishing compelling stories through their art and bringing your ideas to life. From branding and logo design to illustration and web design, these are just some of the top outsourced design-related projects in the Philippines. 

    📌 Sales Development Representative 

    This role, commonly outsourced to the Philippines, requires a high degree of persistence while building and maintaining harmonious relationships with their customers. 

    Filipinos are both driven and persistent. From lead generation and initial outreach to appointment setting, Filipino sales development representatives prove to be most efficient due to their willingness to persuade their clients and their natural charisma and wit. 

    They also possess active listening skills, which are crucial for this particular role because they have to understand  their clients’ needs. 

    📌 Client Success Manager 

    Client success managers build and maintain strong relationships with customers to ensure retention and loyalty. This job entails walking the client through the different processes and guiding them in making the right business decisions. 

    Filipino talents can be relied on when it comes to keeping their clients up to speed on any new processes and business components. 

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    📌 Accountant 

    outsourced jobs philippines -Accountant

    As of 2023, there are about 200,000 registered Certified Public Accountants in the Philippines—considered among the key drivers for the country’s economic growth. 

    Bookkeeping, payroll management, and tax compliance preparations are some of the easily outsourced roles related to finance and accounting because of the influx of talent resources available in the country. 

    Companies located in countries like the U.S., U.K., and Australia continue to hire Filipinos for their finance and accounting services. They’re known for having full transparency and accountability when dealing with their books and other related tasks. 

    📌 Administrative Specialist 

    outsourced jobs philippines - Administrative Specialist

    Resourcefulness and consistency are two of the Filipino workforce’s strengths. They adapt easily to routines, are quick to come up with fixes, and know how to prevent the same problems from happening in the future. These qualities make them suitable for the administrative specialist role.  

    Filipinos are always eager to learn new things to better their craft. That is why, more and more foreign companies  outsource this job to the Philippines. 

    outsourced jobs philippines - infographic

    Why Outsource to the Philippines?

    Businesses worldwide outsource a wide variety of jobs to the Philippines for many reasons, such as the Filipinos’ high English proficiency, impressive and diverse skills, low-cost labor, and positive cultural traits and values

    Likewise, foreign businesses who wish to outsource to the Philippines enjoy government support through perks like visa assistance, tax holidays, and tax-free importation of work equipment. 

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    Final Thoughts

    With the business landscape shifting dramatically, companies now look for ways to sustain their growth by gaining access to top talents across the globe to fill crucial roles in their organizations. The Philippines has already had a head start in this industry, having thrived for around 30 years.

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