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Penbrothers for Finance

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Why Penbrothers


Talent Sourcing

Penbrothers works with finance and accounting SMEs and fintechs from all over the world, helping them build and scale their teams with talent in the Philippines at a fraction of the cost.


HR & Payroll Management

We help look after your employees after you hire them through Penbrothers. From payroll services, culture building, performance management, and other local compliance requirements, we ensure that our value does not end in recruitment.


Office Space Solution

The right kind of environment helps productivity and morale, so we make sure our offices spaces are brightly lit with lots of opportunities to collaborate.

What Our
Clients are

"With over 2 million graduates a year in the Philippines, the scale of what you can achieve here is impressive. In terms of output we expect costs to run somewhere between a fifth and an eighth as compared to Australia."
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Evan Jones
"As a startup, Upteam's main challenge was to build a strong team in a competitive location. Penbrothers' wide and flexible scope of services were tailored to our needs and turned the Philippines into an obvious choice for our growth and development."
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Rui Rapazote
“Not only do they provide a spacious co-working space with fast, reliable internet — I’ve now been able to hire 4 developers through their HR services. The process is quick and very hassle-free — allowing me to focus more time on my business. It’s perfect!”
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Michiel Waaijer
"Penbrothers was always behind us and provided a vibrant work environment that has helped nurture and grow our team from employee number 1 to 10. Their hands-on approach and attention to our needs allowed us to focus on our business' growth."
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Chris Teodoro
“Penbrothers really helped us get started quickly without having to worry about the typical headaches of starting a business in a new country. I would highly recommend Penbrothers to any other companies looking to expand into the Philippines."
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Toni Davis
“We’ve been clients of Penbrothers for a couple of years now, and they help startups like us find the best talent in the Philippines, have a great work space where people can feel more “at home” and ensure our day to day operations run smoothly.”
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Guillermo Conde
"Penbrothers provides Lalamove and LalaFood the reliability and flexibility we need to incubate and scale new businesses. The Penbrothers team takes care of us very well and never leaves us hanging whenever we need help."
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Gary Hui

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