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New Year’s Resolutions 2024: Filipino Workplace Edition

New Years bring a spirit of fresh beginnings. Find out some of our team members' New Year's resolutions for their work and career!

Penbrothers Secures Key Investment from Mynavi Corporation

Japanese corporation Mynavi has invested in Penbrothers. Find out what it means for our company and our clients.

Debunking 8 Myths on Hiring and Working With Offshore Teams

Not sure if you should hire offshore talents? Know the realities of hiring and working with a remote team abroad.

Offshore Staffing Trends in 2024: KPO, Automation, and More

The offshoring industry will keep evolving to adapt to the ever-changing market. Expect these key trends in 2024 and beyond.

Detour to Destiny: A Young Leader’s Journey to Self-Discovery

Success isn't always linear; it may mean taking a different route. Read this inspiring story of a young leader's path to self-discovery.

What We Stand for at Penbrothers

Find out the values that define Penbrothers as an organization, how it shapes our company culture, and how we live up to it.
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