Our experience with Penbrothers has been productive. They provided us with top-notch talent quicker than expected. The flexibility of their solutions enables our operations to scale however we need it to be. The communications are seamless, and their people are always helpful with whatever we need. We look forward to growing with Penbrothers in the years to come!

-Kelly Aho

Recruiting Process Excellence Director, TalentLaunch

TalentLaunch, experiencing slow hiring during its rapid expansion, turned to offshore staffing with Penbrothers. This partnership led to swift recruitment, enabling TalentLaunch to scale efficiently and trim expenses.

Who is TalentLaunch

TalentLaunch is a strategic business partner for small-to-mid-size staffing and recruitment firms. For their partners they provide business solutions with: strategy support, industry-leading technology, creative marketing and valuable accounting and payroll services.

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The Challenge

Slow Speed of Filling Roles

Because of Talent Launch’s rapid growth, they needed to fill essential roles, particularly in the recruitment space. However, their own efforts lead were slower than what they were expecting. And so, they turned to offshore staffing as a strategy to hire quickly.

Maximizing Cost Performance Value

Talent Launch understood that hiring quickly can also break the bank if not done properly. They needed to fill important roles but also maximize value while minimizing costs, which is what the Philippines offered to them.

The Solution

Working collaboratively with TalentLaunch, we fine-tuned the requirements and came up with a job description that matches what the client is looking for in their remote workers.

Penbrothers immediately launched sourcing activities for TalentLaunch’s requirements and provided quality endorsements within 45 days.

The Results

TalentLaunch quickly filled roles such as Cash Receipt Specialist, Recruitment Assistant, and Talent Acquisition Specialist with the help of Penbrothers.

Additionally, TalentLaunch saved 78% of total employee costs through offshore staffing to the Philippines.

These results enabled the company to scale its operations while minimizing costs.

  • Payroll Savings For 2023

  • Headcount Growth

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